Varanasi Dev Diwali Packages

Dev Deepawali is celebrated in a very big and special way. You might not have experienced this level of celebration before. It is so big that you can’t see all of it at one time. People start preparing for this celebration a few weeks in advance. During Dev Deepawali, over a million earthen oil lamps light up the houses, buildings, and streets next to the Ganges. It is an incredibly beautiful sight to see from a boat. The riverbanks are filled with lamps, making it seem like a stairway to heaven. When the moonlight hits the water, it creates a magical atmosphere.

During Dev Deepawali, watching the Ganga Arti at Dashashwamedh ghat is an amazing experience. Although there are artis every day at the ghats, this one is the biggest and most detailed. You will see 21 Brahmin priests holding many lamps and performing rituals in front of the Ganges river. They will chant Vedic mantras and play drums and conch shells. Once you see the Ganga Arti, you will never forget it.

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