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It’s a festival celebrated in Varanasi on the day of Kartik Purnima, which is 15 days after Diwali. The festival is in honor of Lord Shiva, who defeated three demons named Vidyunmali, Tarakaksha, and Viryavana. It’s believed that Gods visit the town of Lord Shiva on the day of Kartik Purnima to celebrate the victory. In 2023, Dev Deepawali will be celebrated on November 26th in Varanasi. The banks of Ganga will be lit up with earthen lamps, colorful electric lights, and façade lights. Cultural activities will also be held at 85 Ghats to make the festival more grand and special.


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Varanasi Cruise

Alaknanda Cruiseline is a company based in Varanasi that was inspired by the Prime Minister of India. We focus on adventure sports and plan to provide services that allow our customers to experience the beautiful and grand moments of Varanasi. Our goal is to give our customers unforgettable experiences in the world's oldest living city.

Sugam Darsan Services

Sugam Darsan

This is a special process for quick queue-less, hassle-free darshan experience. It has been designed for devotees with time constraint, divyangs or any such disability who cannot afford to wait in queue. In this process a Shastri accompanies the devotee for darshan directly without queue and special Prasad is provided to the devotee.

Pind Daan

Pind Daan

Pind Daan is a Hindu ritual to honor ancestors by offering food, water, and other things. It takes place near sacred rivers or places thought to house ancestors. The ceremony helps ancestors and seeks their protection and guidance. Hindus find special meaning in Pind Daan as a show of respect for family history, bringing spiritual blessings.

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